David is the capital of the Chiriquí province and the base to move in any direction inside of the region, for tours, business or just travelling.

With a population of 124,280 (census year 2000), extends for a surface of 869.1 square kilometers.

The district is divided in 10 corregimientos: David (head), Bijagual, Chiriquí, Cochea, Guacá, Las Lomas, Pedregal, San Carlos, San Pablo Nuevo and San Pablo Viejo.

The rivers that cross the district are Cochea, Chiriquí, David, Majagua, Platanal, Papayal and Soles, while the most important mountains are Cerro de la Cruz, San Cristóbal, Pico de Loro and the San Carlitos Range.


In order to arrive at David, from Panama City, there are modern buses that, leaving the terminal of the last city each half an hour, bring you to the capital of the Chiriquí province in around six hours.

Coming from Costa Rica, once crossed the border, there are 53 kms (33 miles) from Paso Canoas to David, by the Interamerican Highway. There are service of buses between San José (Costa Rica), the Tica Bus, and David, and between the border and the last city.

Another way to reach David is by plane. Two airlines serve the connections between David and Panamá City (four flights per day), Bocas del Toro or Changuinola (one daily flight): Aeroperlas and Turismo Aéreo.

By car or bus, David is connected by road with the Bocas del Toro province, in the Caribbean, and with the best tourism attractions of the province, like Boquete, Volcán, Cerro Punta, Las Lajas, Pedregal, Río Sereno and Tolé.


From David to: Chiriquí Grande 130 kms (82 miles), Boquete 35 kms (22 miles), Volcán 58 kms (36 miles), Cerro Punta 80 kms (50 miles), Paso Canoas 53 kms (33 miles), Tolé 106 kms (66 miles), Las Lajas 84 kms (53 miles), Gualaca 32 kms (20 miles), Puerto Armuelles 88 kms (55 miles), Río Sereno 96 kms (60 miles), and Panamá City 424 kms (265 miles).


David was founded on 1602, by Francisco de Gama, advisor of the governor Juan López de Siqueira and under his mandattory.

In the beginning the actual Bolívar Park probably was the park of the town. At the end of the XIX century, David had six streets, but only four were the center of the town, sector actually known as Barrio Bolívar.

In that center was located the Ermita de San José, actually the San José Cathedral.

In march 1900 the Bolívar park was the scenery of the first battle of the "War of the Thousand Days", between liberals and conservatives.